I was in my living room with my husband. We were excited because women had marched by the thousands for respect in Toronto. I marched with the thousands. I felt inspired by that. Then, Trump initiated the Muslim ban so in Toronto we occupied a major intersection in front of the U.S. consulate during morning rush hour. We yelled and screamed. So quickly afterward, while on my couch, I read reports of the shootings in the mosque. Such a violent act happened in Canada, here, not in the US, to so many people in their most sacred space. I thought about my friends that are Muslim and how they must have felt. They were shocked and I could see they were scared. I felt so angry and shocked. I quickly called friends and joined in a conference call to see what we could do to respond as a community. We demonstrated in solidarity again and called for justice. Nothing has changed since then. It’s almost as if it didn’t happen for so many people in government, in power. But we will not forget. So many amazing people are organizing for change.

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