i never remember where i was when important things happened. i do remember sitting at an anti-Islamophobia display a few days later, in the university centre on the campus that i work at, and so many people stopping by signing up on a list of people who wanted to “do something” – even though none of us had a clear idea of what that could be. i remember that the shooting was just one part of the display; it also had information about Trump’s Muslim ban and the organizing happening around that, and some Canadian legislative efforts going on at the time. now, i feel ashamed that i am so desensitized to this kind of violence that it didn’t feel more important, that the real significance of it was eclipsed to some extent by events in the US. there was a vigil in my town last year. 700 people from the community showed up. this year there were less than 200, and i’ve yet to meet most of the people that signed up to that list a year ago.

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mandy hiscocks
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