I was sitting at home, just messing around on the Internet, when I read the news. There had been so much bad news coming from the US that weekend – the “Muslim ban” in the US and other news related to the new president’s cabinet – that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. As an American-born woman, unemployed at home in Montreal, frustrated and feeling impotent in general, I was surprised when the news changed. Suddenly my feeds were filled not with news of airport protests in the US but of a shooting in Ste-Foy. I had spent a summer in Ste-Foy once, as a teenager. Nothing ever happens in Ste-Foy. Except, well, the murder of six men because of their religion. Reading on, conflicting reports fighting for airtime – how many shooters were there? How many worshippers were dead? – I felt even less sure of anything. It soon became clear to me that both of my countries of citizenship were under attack by white supremacy, and there was nothing I could do about it.

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