I remember. #RememberJan29 . Je me souviens. #souvenezvousjan29. Watching the news in horror from afar here in France, I was not surprised to hear the French media run braying with the false assumption the killer was Muslim. And I also was not surprised to see the coverage fade, whispering, so quickly here too, those who died being Muslims. Like in Canada, “mainstream” aka dominant voices ruling public discourse and airtime in France do not feel they must speak about the people who lost their lives as fathers, husbands, skilled professionals and workers, community members – the (lack of) respect and (de-) humanization so different than for white victims. Today, I keep hoping I will hear something to mark the anniversary on the radio here. Much respect and love to you all who insist we do hear, remember, act. You should not have to insist. N’oublions jamais Ibrahima Barry, Mamadou Tanou Barry, Khaled Belkacemi, Abdelkrim Hassane, Aboubaker Thabti, Azzedine Soufiane #RememberJan29 #souvenezvousjan29

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stef gude
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