The twist in my gut when I heard about the massacre in the mosque. The violation of it. I mean, I”m not a religious person, but just the idea of it. That someone would be so motivated by hate that he would massacre people praying, in their safe space, made me feel nauseous. Two years later, I am glad to be reminded. Because we can’t forget what happened. It is now paired in my mind with the Pittsburgh Massacre in the synagogue. At a vigil this fall after that massacre, members of the local mosque came – as we had gone to it, after January 29th massacre. The convergence gave me hope. The reminder of the massacre motivates me, us, to stay vigilant about confronting Islamophobia and hatred. Its such a dark time of year. But we cannot become isolated, inside, apart. We must connect and transform so that something like this cannot happen again.

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Lesley Wood
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