I remember hearing the news about the Quebec City mosque shooting, in a physical wave of shock and horror. Tears started pouring out as my mind immediately raced to Muslim friends and acquaintances. I thought of these loved ones with their families and extended communities and how they may never feel safe, if they ever did in the first place. I felt both afraid and outraged for them and it devastated me to feel so powerless to help or keep them safe. I felt so angry, but I also felt complicit in this violence and guilty for not having done enough to take on Islamophobia and be a better ally – to see where Islamophobia could be hiding in plain view – in news coverage, in passing comments, in who gets opportunities and why and much worse still.
The January 29 mosque shooting jolted me into trying to better understand my own complicity in white supremacy, Islamophobia and racism and how I can stand with the Muslim community and other people of colour to really truly advocate for a society where everyone is free, safe and cared for.

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Shannon Devine
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